Research and interventions for an equitable biomedical workforce.

Our mission is to understand and devise solutions to the ongoing diversity dilemma in biomedical research and education. As women and those from minoritized racial and ethnic groups remain underrepresented at the highest levels of research science, our group is committed to understanding the factors impacting career development, identification with science, and training experiences. With a special focus on longitudinal and qualitative methods, the Scientific Careers Research & Development Group is positioned to advance equity and knowledge in an increasingly complex global health environment.

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Rethinking Research Training

The apprenticeship approach in research training has been effective, but can inadvertently, or systematically, exclude individuals who have markedly different life experiences from mentors. Discoveries and insights from the social and behavioral sciences have made it possible to propose and empirically test new theories and models of scientific training to fill in the gaps and limitations of traditional mentoring.

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Across multiple research projects and interventions, our group uses qualitative methods to understand the experiences of biomedical trainees and their progression into research careers.

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Our members bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking together to identify research questions and pursue creative solutions in their publications.

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The Scientific Careers Research & Development Group is powered by a unique team of qualitative researchers with expertise from a range of disciplines.

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