About Us

Through research and training, we seek to expose and change patterns and practices that exclude and drive talent away from biomedical careers.”

Rick McGee, PhD

Our Priorities

Integration of Theory, Research & Practice

Our work bridges and integrates the full cycle of research, from theoretical modeling to empirical testing of those models, to their real-life application in research training. Members of the group draw from a wide range of expertise including education, sociology, psychology, race and gender studies, public health, and laboratory and clinical research.


Research training must be carefully studied to reveal how success is promoted or inhibited by existing research training practices. Otherwise, the historical patterns of underrepresentation will persist. Our research is designed to support young scientists’ training and career goals with an eye to mitigating the overt and unconscious processes, systems, and structures that can limit their success. 

Methodological Contributions

Our work is notable for its large-scale, longitudinal, and qualitative design. Since 2010, we have interviewed hundreds of research participants annually from their late undergraduate years through PhD training and into their academic and non-academic careers.

Our Team

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We have brought together a unique team of qualitative scientists to focus on questions and hypotheses that can only be addressed with qualitative methods. Collaboration has been key to our success. 

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